Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mashed Potatoes!

I was coming out of Hobby Lobby the other day, having scored a handful of those $2 note journals (the ones with Philippians 4:13 quoted on them with a cross on the front) and as I was getting in my truck, what came to mind was, "Mashed Potatoes!" I scored a deal for something I had been looking for and identified it with a TV commercial for Progressive Insurance, the one with James Brown doing his interpretation of the "customer who made it home in time for Thanksgiving Dinner." Who knows the mind of a shopper? Especially a hobby shopper. We are a weird breed. We'll pick up the last item of some coveted embellishment (and not necessarily one that you coveted, just one that "someone" has coveted) and proudly stroll up and down the isles with it prominently displayed in our basket. We'll show it to everyone who wants to see it and explain why it is such a great product. "Yeah, these Basic Grey magnetic discs are great for closures for notebooks, blah, blah, blah" and while you are yapping away, you're thinking, "how am I going to use these? But I HAVE to have them, so-and-so couldn't stop talking about them!" Or, we'll buy the same product over and over and tell everyone why they should have multiple packages of them too. "This is the only chipboard set of letters that includes numbers! You HAVE to have them!" (BTW, those are EK Success Letterpress Sticko Chipboard Letters & Numbers--I KNOW you want to buy them!) I have personally convinced at least two people and one salesperson that they had to purchase several sets of these for any number of cool projects. And really, they ARE the only set of chipboard numbers that I know of. If anyone else knows of any others, let me know! I COVET chipboard numbers. Making my own sucks. Especially when you would really like to have them 2" tall.

I've been working on some craft projects that I will be teaching soon. If I get my digital act together, I'll post some pictures. One of them even includes the chipboard numbers. My DH can no longer say that I don't do anything with my craft stuff. I've actually completed several projects and have had a couple of play days! WOW, Vicki gets out of the house and socializes with something that says something other than "Meowowow!" It's good to have an adult conversation again (nothing against the DH, but he isn't FEMALE and doesn't understand that a conversation involves two people talking to each other, not him talking to the TV). I'll probably have to start singing him to bed too...

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