Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long time, no blog

Story of my life. I start something and then life gets in the way. When did we all get so busy? I can't believe it is November and I haven't posted since August. Wow. That means one of two things, too much going on, or, I'm just not that interesting. It's probably the second but I'll look on the bright side and hope it's the first one.

My inlaws came down and spent a couple of weeks with us. They live in Canada up on Lake Huron, but they are British and still have a pronounced British accent. It is always fun to go shopping or out to eat with them as the looks on the other people's faces as Christine and Peter talk is priceless. Some people just flat can't understand them. They do use a few different words for things than we do. A washcloth to us is a flannel to them. A secature to them is a pruning shear for us. There are others but those come to mind first. When someone from England tells you they are going to "spend a penny," that's their way of telling you they are going to the restroom. Long story to explain that one. We really enjoy their visits as we don't get up to Canada very often to visit the family.

The kicker part is that we try to send all our Christmas gifts for the the neices and families (no nephews, the Conquest line on this continent is at an end) back up with Cliff's parents, which means getting them done by the end of October. Last time we tried mailing them (in November) they didn't get them until February. I foolishly made a decision several years ago that I would make all my gifts because no one remembers a gift card. And it is even harder to buy a gift card for a store here that will work in Canada as well. No Hobby Lobby where they live. So I lived in my craft room for two weeks. Christine even helped me make some of my projects (can't say what they are as those kids are too web literate and I think someone up there knows the blog). So mum's the word. Although Mum is what we call a flower but what the British call their Mom's. Confusing, eh? NOW we're speaking Canadian. :-)

I've been teaching some craft classes here at the house and having a great time doing it. Nothing like a bunch of women with chocolate and glue and ribbon! The cats aren't liking it much as I won't let them jump up on the tables and show off their butts to everyone. I know they are pretty proud of their backends, but if I got up on a table and wagged my butt in everyone's face, I wouldn't have any friends! Heaven forbid if it was a bare butt like the cats have! LOL! OK, too much imagination. I have a magnet that says, "You aren't anybody until you've been ignored by a cat." I guess we are all somebodies as our cats are waving their tailends at everyone 5 minutes after our guests have had a seat. I guess that's encouraging. It gives "Cat-Friendly house" a whole new twist. Maybe we need a sign that says, "Beware of Cat Butts" as you walk into the house. Forewarned is forearmed. I could go on, but I'm sure I lost you at the part about me wagging my butt.

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