Thursday, December 07, 2006

December Craft Classes—Post One, Yippee!

FINALLY!!! Here are pictures of projects. Blogger Beta hasn't let me upload for the past week, the littler bloggers! I'm starting with the Accordion Hearts and Blocks class. Here is the description for this class. It's a two-for, so a real deal and so easy to do!

Accordion Hearts/Photo Cubes
Dec. 16, 10am-12pm Northside Store (only opening) Cost—$7 for BOTH classes
The Accordion Heart ties up with ribbons into a heart shape, but when you untie it, the heart becomes an inspirational piece with words of encouragement on every side. You can set it on a table or pull it all around into a circle and tie the ends for a fully open hanging ornament. Beautiful ribbons, beads and paper make this a cute gift for a friend! Supplies are provided for this class. The tools and supplies you need to bring are scissors, folding bone or similar, and a 1/8" hole punch.

The Photo Cubes are a fast and fun way to use some of those smaller pictures to display family and friends. We'll use cardstock and embellishments (stickers, rub-ons, letters, etc.) along with our pictures to create a cute set of photo cubes. The tools and supplies you need to bring are 1 package of 1 1/2" wooden blocks (they come 6 to a package for $2.99 in the wood craft section), a paint brush, pictures that can be trimmed to about 1 1/4", a square punch about that size ,if you have one (McGill has one in the tool isle at the 1 1/2" size and smaller), if you don't, then an exacto knife, ruler and cutting mat. If you want to age them, bring a brown chalk ink pad. (Just a factoid for you die-hard scrapbooker/crafter types, you may have seen the BE wooden block photo cube sets at your local scrapbooks store—for—wait for it—$13.00! Unbelievable! Nothing else with them but nine 1 1/2" wood blocks. Buy the Hobby Lobby blocks, with a coupon, two sets to make 12 and you still haven't spent more than $3.60 plus tax.) We're not that gullible are we?

The cost for both classes is only $7! You pay $7 and get TWO projects!

All the new projects can be seen at both Hobby Lobby stores. I've reschedule the Accordion Hearts/Photo Block class to Saturday, Dec. 16 from 10a to 12a at the Northside store (only slot available at the stores).

Of course those of you who have already taken my classes know you can schedule a class time to suite your schedule, just give me a call (350-4569 my direct cell phone, you can still call the other number, but it forwards to my cell). We can still do past projects and also I can do groups, and to a limited extent, kits. I've been doing a lot of groups on weekends, especially Sunday afternoons, so if you have some friends, come on over and have a good time! Just give me a ring (or email) call to arrange a time. Some people have been asking me if I will sell the projects (as they don't have time to make them. I will sell them, but the cost is higher since I have to do all the work and no one to keep me company but the cats, who want to hole punch my paper and eat my ribbon. If you would like to do this, give me a call and I'll see what I can do.

This month's classes have an extra surprise with them as a THANK YOU for coming to take the class. It might be edible (although I always have cholates and drinks if we here at the house) or it may be a surprise mini project. You know me, I am full of surprises!

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