Thursday, December 07, 2006

Butterfly Wall Clock

And our last project.

The Butterfly Wall Clock
Dates: Dec 7 Northside: 1-3pm, Dec. 8 Southside, 1-3pm Cost: $10

This 8" x 8" clock is the perfect size to either display on your desk/table or to hang from the wall (hanger included). With a "Time Flies" theme with butterflies, it is right on target for the holidays, as we know how "Time Flies" when you are trying to find that perfect gift for a friend, colleague or family member. All supplies are furnished (including the clock movements). Tools and supplies you need to bring are (of course) Terrificaly Tacky Tape (red line tape), thicker is better for this one, ideal would be half-inch and 1" tape. Also bring pop dots, scissors and a paint brush. Also a Crop-a-dile might come in handy but an old fashion eyelet setter will work too. If you have some needle nose pliers, they would be handy as well (something with a small tip, or jewelers pliers). Have I dropped enough hints about the Crop-a-dile?

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