Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A miracle! Sniffy walked into the house this morning, through a door I KNOW was closed! We had been leaving our outside door open a crack to our work/John Deere room, but not the door to the house. Cliff found that door open this morning about an hour after he got up for work. He said he felt cold air coming up from downstairs and went downstairs to check. The door was open and Sniffy ran right by him! He picked him up and went running through the house screaming and crying "Sniffy came home!" in his underwear and t-shirt! He was laughing and crying at the same time. For those of you who know my DH, that is NOT a personality trait common to him. It was totally amazing! Sniffy and I promptly curled up together and took a nap!

He wasn't matted at all, no injuries, didn't even look like he had been outside. All I found on him was sticktites, one small scratch behind his ear (probably from trying to get by Pekoe) and a small bit of paint between two toes on one hind leg. There is new construction behind us, but I had already gone through all the open houses several times. But I couldn't get in to any of the locked ones. Maybe he was in one of those that was just painted, and got shut in accidentally. I don't know, and the construction guys swore they hadn't seen him. I don't know what to think other than God's helping hand opening doors for Sniffy! We had so many people praying for him and God answered our prayers! I hope Sniffy has had enough of the outdoor world! Thank you to all of those who prayed and offered tips and resources on finding Sniffy. We are truly grateful and humbled.

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