Wednesday, February 20, 2008


If you haven't heard by now, our gray medium long haired goofy cat has disappeared. He ran out the door the day after the ice storm (2/13/08). We just had our old cat Coon put down and were grieving him and now Sniffy too. We've put up fliers, filed a lost cat report at the Humane Society, checked with Animal Control, listed him on PetFinder, and spread the word to the other shelters, vets and pet stores in town. I'm posting some additional and some older pictures of him. Of course his Christmas picture is below and there are some in last years' archives. He has had kidney stones so requires special food. He is semi-long haired, looks like a bit of a ruff, hair is long the back of his haunches (he looks like he has baggy pants) and his tail looks like he got the short shrift--not long or short, kind of a scraggly inbetween. He has a squeaky meow, when he chooses to talk, but he mostly trills and hums when he purrs when he wants something, an unusual sound and loves to bump his head on everything (got to spread that sexy scent of his I guess).His eyes are a greenish gold color, they can look either color depending on the light. We really miss him a lot, especially to loose him so soon after Coon passing. My DH is taking it pretty hard. Sniffy was everyone's buddy, the sweetest best lap cat ever (besides Coon). Maki and Pewter miss him, they know something is wrong.

We do have a new member of the family. We adopted one of my parent's barn kitties and her name is Pumpkin (Punky for short). It is a female tortie with lots of dark pumpkin color on her and black. She's just been spayed and had the unfortunate issue of having one of her ovaries separated and they had to do exploratory surgery to find it, so her incision was 3x the size it normally is. She had to wear an e-collar for 10 days. Didn't bother her a bit and she plays with everybody and everything. Especially strings. I've caught her several times dragging my sweats and tennis shoes by the strings. Nothing seems to be off limits to her, literally. She dumped my MacBook Pro laptop onto the floor this morning. All I could do was watch and scream "noooooo" in slow motion as it whacked the floor. It was running at the time no less. So far the computer is still functioning, with a couple of dents on the top but nothing broken. She just about became an embellishment.

We did get Coon back today in his little cedar box. I cried all the way home from the vet. I never though I would live long enough to see him pass on before me. Anyway, here are the pictures.

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Andrew Clarke said...

The cat shown here looks incredibly like one we had some years ago. We called her "Scowler" and when she had a kitten who looked exactly like her except for being short haired, we called the daughter 'young Scowler'. Not very creative, but they were affectionate and lovable cats.