Friday, January 12, 2007

We're in the news!

Sony Hocklander's story on "Find a New Hobby" ran in today's paper. She interviewed several people about quilting, knitting, beading, leatherworking, and photo arts, where we fell in. We had the last paragraphs in the article, which I like being the last thing people read, they tend to remember it! Here's what she put in from our conversation:

"The flood of digital cameras has led to a growing interest in hobby photography—and using photographs in projects. That includes digital scrapbooking, says Vicki Conquest.

Conquest, a photographer and graphic artist, teaches classes in Photoshop Elements 4, a photo-correcting program that includes digital scrapbooking capabilities.

A lot of people also are interested in what Conquest calls heritage projects: Incorporating photos and mementos to create items for homes or gifts.

That's the kind Conquest likes to teach in her home or at Springfield's two Hobby Lobby stores.

"We try to do projects that make you think of family ties," she says."

Altogether very nice, I thought! Talking about both things I love to do, digital photography and crafting, all mixed together. I guess this means I need to get my collective self together and make some business cards. I seem to be able to do that for everyone else but myself!

Also, the boards are up at Northside as well. The individual letter and the Valentine Box are different than what is pictured here on the blog, so check them out to see a different look for the same project.

Well, everyone get ready for the big ice storm!

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