Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Blogs

Well, the time has come. I'm going to move my craft information over to my new blog, That is where you will find all the latest information on my classes at Hobby Lobby and other events and classes here at the home studio.

I've given the craft side a more official name, Conquest Keepsakes. If you are attending the Red Hot Crop at New Covenant Academy, you'll see an ad in the directory and some slides on the big screen promoting Conquest Keepsakes. I am also giving away two free classes during the crop, so come and crop at the Red Hot Crop and support the fundraising event for New Covenant Academy. What could be better than 15 hours of cropping? Make-n-takes by the Paper Princesses? Vendor booths to see the hot new products? NOTHING is better than that!

My other new blog covers the other side of my existence, digital imaging. I've been teaching Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 for quite some time now, but took some time off this summer and fall. Now we are ready to rock and roll with the new training center. We are up and ready to go and I have a new blog to cover the class schedules, equipment recommendations, hints and tips, etc. We'll soon have a full-fledged web site up, but this will get us started. The new blog is New classes start in February. I am also giving away two free Photoshop Elements classes at the Red Hot Crop, so one more incentive to sign up for the crop! Email Sandy Higgins at to sign up. Registration has been extended to the day of the crop, February 3.

So check out the two new blogs (which I am working on tonight as well).

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