Sunday, December 16, 2007


These pictures are from a Christmas or two ago, but they haven't changed much and neither have we (except for Coon, but you wouldn't want to see how he looks now). If you compare me to the Christmas photo in the last post, you can tell I've lost weight, but not so much. So, I guess I will go from oldest to youngest. First is Coon, 16 year old male tabby, born in my hand (literally), so I'm the Momma. Well, really Cliff calls me the Cat Whisperer as usually at any one time most of the cats are sleeping or sitting around me when he comes home. That goes for their hair too. I haven't figured out how to create a static distortion field to deflect cat hair.

Next oldest is Kahlua, the vapor cat. We call her that because she pretty much has lived under a piece of furniture most of her ten years. She's a tortie shell Himalayan with the most beautiful blue eyes. She has finally come out of her shell when she is in our bedroom with Cliff and I and as long as Pewter or Mr. Sniffy aren't around. Pewter has a hate-on for her. Not sure why. Otherwise, when we're in there she cries to be petted! Go figure! At night she paws at the blankets, and if we put her out of the room and bring the troublemakers in, she beats on the door wanting back in the room. Will wonders never cease! She likes to sleep in the sink, and only plays when no one is watching. And she watches to see if anyone is watching. She's a very odd cat, but most torties are.

Third in line is a neck and neck tie between Pewter and Mr. Sniffy. Pewter was born in October 2001 and we got Mr. Sniffy at Christmas 2001 as a rescue so we don't know his exact birth date but he is about the same age. We'll do Pewter first. He's a Lilac Point Himilayan and a very beautiful cat with blue eyes, OK, they all have blue eyes. His are a steel blue and he always has this mad look because his brows are prominent. He did NOT appreciate the Santa hat one little bit. But he's like one of those movie stars. He KNOWS he is beautiful. He thinks it's all about him. If you don't pay attention to him when he wants it, he starts knocking things off of whatever he's sitting on (which is usually the coffee table, kitchen island, bathroom counter, or table). He'll look at you, look at the item in question, look at you again, then, while he is still looking at you, takes his paw and whacks the item right off the surface. Then he looks over the edge and looks back at you. At this point I pointedly ignore him. Doesn't matter. After about the fifth or sixth thing, and all that's left are candles, I get up. He also likes ice tea and ice water. He doesn't drink from a bowl, OHHH NOOO, it's the faucet or a cup of ice water for him. Snob.

Mr. Sniffy, the rescue. Also known as the Poodle because he has baggy pants on his back legs. He has an identity crisis, he doesn't know if he is long haired or short haired. When he purrs, he trills, kind of like a tribble (any Trekkie's?). And he has kitty nightmares. He growls in his sleep! He's the most affectionate cat, lap cat, head butts you until you either pet him or throw him across the room out of annoyance. He knocks over lamps, pushes just about anything around you just to wipe his sexy smell all over everything. He's too sexy for his tail. He thinks a LOT of his backside. If you have a cat, you know, it is all about the butt. No kiddin'! You have not bonded with your cat if you have not been given the tail once or twice. He's also Mr. Jumpy. VERY entertaining. The hat freaked him out. It kept touching him...

Then there's Maki (Macciato), she's our seal point Himalayan. She's as dumb as a box of rocks, and one very jealous little kitty. She thinks her name is Coon. Since he has been sick, every time I call for him, she comes. If he comes, she whacks him. But first she starts by grooming him, then she whacks him. Then she growls and hisses and spits and acts like she is evil incarnate. Coon just looks at like she's lost her marbles. He doesn't understand she never had her marbles to start with! tee he hee She hated the hat too. But she's so cute with her little tooth sticking out. She loves to be made over and petted. She's pretty social too. She's the door greeter! I had to do some extensive 'shopping on this picture. Let's say, don't believe everything you see in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue.

And then that leaves the "squatter" cat, Pekoe (aka Pekoe Orange Tea). He showed up the winter of 2002 on our deck, he was probably about 5 months old, neutered, obviously someone's pet, but we couldn't find the owner. It was Thanksgiving and below zero outside, so I put a box with blankets and water and food and he hasn't left since. He's an orange marmalade tabby, weighs 13 lbs, and drools when you pet him. We did eventually take him to the vet and get shots, FeLuke tested, etc., and keep him on anti-flea stuff. That would make him about five now. He was so happy to be inside for a picture, he could have cared less about the hat and drooled all over my jeans the whole time. He'll lay on his back and drool while you clip his claws. The rest of the cats think we are cutting off their paws and it's like shoving bamboo slits up your fingernails to clip their claws. Maki gets eye infections and turns into Linda Blair, who knew a cat could turn their heads around like that? :-) But Pekoe lives outside. In the winter when it gets really cold or lots of snow or ice, he stays in the John Deere room, much to the consternation of Mr. Sniffy. He didn't get that name for nothing! (Note that double-negative, we're famous for those down here in tha steeks).

And that's the brood. Merry Christmas from all of us! One more week til the big day. I really NEED to start making my Cinnamon fudge before I start getting hate cards instead of Merry cards! Soooo much going on, for once, I have a ton of stuff to talk about, but not enough time!

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