Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, the Carol Jones Christmas party at the Chateau on the Lake at Branson is over and what a good time it was! Of course I had to stretch the DH's nerve to the last inch by having my hair done at the last minute, so we barely got there in time to eat and missed the schmoozing hour. We had the priviledge of sitting with Cliff's boss Jim and his wife Chris at Carol's table and I found out that accountants are all truly alike. As long as you aren't talking about money, they are the funniest people at the party! Jim kindly loaned Cliff a Grinch tie which was so appropriate! I'll have to go find one for him, can't have him borrowing it for every Christmas party!

Of course the rest of the office clan was there, I'll have to post some more pictures of that, but I'll post a picture of Cliff and I that one of the other DH's took for us using my XTi. I sent the picture in an email (since I knew I wouldn't get a card out before Christmas) and forgot about my yellow eyes. Creepy. So then I 'shopped it and I've posted a non-yellowed version of it. Ho ho ho! And no snow either. So much for the 8" to 10" of snow that we were supposed to get last night that had everyone else flocking the supercenter for milk and bread!

MO pics later...

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