Saturday, December 08, 2007


That's me. Asleep at the screen. How bad is it when you're typing an e-mail to a friend and you nod off? I can understand when you're riding in a car, the droning of the road noise, nice warm heater blowing, music playing that you can sing in your sleep.....ackkkk I just ran off the road!!! Good thing I'm wearing Depends! Ooops, my secret's out. And I don't even have an embarrassed smilie to put here. How about this one?

I had to steal this one from one of the stamping forums I like to visit. It's a classic. For those of you who have IBS, I KNOW you KNOW what I mean. Are you smellin' what I'm steppin' in? Thought so... or, since I just ran off the road, it's probably what I'm sittin' in. ROGL! Kiddin'! Or am I? Hmmm? Someday your day will come, trust me. And if it isn't one, it will be the other. You women KNOW what I mean. One day, something really funny will happen and you'll go to laugh or you'll sneeze and whoops! What was that? Uh, huh. Yeah, we're reverting back to our childhood. As you get older, you have the potential to become a one man (or woman) show. Laugh, pee, toot. Burp, pee, toot. Run, pee, pee, pee, toot, toot, toot. Get a rhythm going and you could be the red man team. Because I would be turning red if this happened to public. What goes on at home, stays at home, YKWIM? Uh-huh girlfriend, I thought you would.

So, how tired do you have to be to nod off at your computer? Especially when you are doing something you really like and you want to do. There's no road noise. My laptop is so quiet I have to stick my ear on it to see if it's still running (who knows, maybe static electricity is running the screen...). No music. If I play my iTunes, I'll get sidetracked up to the iTunes web site and start surfing for music, then I'll be mesmerized by my visualizer graphics and that will definitely put me to sleep. FOCUS, VICKI, FOCUS!! It's not warm in this house, thanks to the Grinchmiester, I mean DH. He feels that 68 degrees is a comfortable temperature to live in. IF YOU'RE A BEAR! So, I'm sitting in the chair, with three blankets over my sweats, with my scuffies, a t-shirt, a sweat shirt, and a fleece shirt on, trying to work. I think the reason I nod off is because I can't move. I'm motivated to type that email, but my fingers are frozen. Sorry Amy, I'll have to finish that email tomorrow...kitty kisses your way!

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