Friday, May 26, 2006

Also Starring in the Cathouse...

These are pictures of Pewter, our Lilac Himi. This is a cat with Catitude. He doesn't walk around the house, he sashays. The hair on his tail is about 8 inches long, looks just like a duster. He has had several names since we got him. He started off as Pewter (because of his gray points), but then it was Pew-Pew as he had a major gas issue as a kitten. At the same time we also called him the "little Eeper" because his meow was more like an eep eep eep. He never walked anywhere--he ran, in circles around your feet, back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom going "eep eep eep" the whole time. I just had to sit down, he made me so tired. Then, with the switch to the new dried food, he became Poo-Poo as his stomach took some time to get used to it and the big D word was the norm for a week or so. When he was younger, he liked to fetch. But it was only one certain mouse toy, one that was spotted like a Dalmation with a hot pink tail. All you had to say was "Mouse?" and up he'd come and you could throw it 20 times and he would always bring it back. By then you're like, "I'm trying to go to sleep." So then he'd throw it up in the air himself and off the bed and bring it back up etc. There was little sleep to be had during that time.

Now, he sometimes is known as Puker. When he gets too nervous about something, or a hairball that's too big, he just pukes and pukes and pukes. Like 7 or 8 times a day. Sometimes we have to take him to the vet and get him all waxed up. But mostly, he's our boo-ti-ful Pew-Pew. He so soft, he feels like a huge cotton ball. He rarely mats up and he loves to give kitty kisses. In fact, he likes to clean your teeth, so kisser beware. You always know when he wants to give you kisses. He gets that goo-goo look when he looks up at you with his eyes half closed and his ears turned sideways. Well, we think it's cute. Except the teeth cleaning bit.

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