Saturday, May 27, 2006

Craftin' with Cats

I just had to post this picure of the paper purse I made at a Creations class. It wouldn't be me if it wasn't anything but cats or Macs. And since I am pretty sure Apple hasn't published Macintosh scrapbook paper, I had to go cats. I guess if I had time, I could make my own Mac paper (ohh, what a great idea, I know I could get to this before I turn 50). Anyway, this is my favorite cat paper, it's from Flair and it has cats doing all the things they actually do, including using a cat box, showing their butts, licking their private parts, clawing up the furniture, rubbing their pheremones all over every last surface in the house, sleeping, grooming and getting into bags and boxes. MY kind of cat paper. If I'm lucky, it won't get hole punched or dragged around the house or squatted in. Or groomed. That fringe looks pretty inviting to the fuzz balls here.

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