Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cat Mania

Since I gave it up for Maki, Coon and Pewter, I thought I had better post some pics of my other darling babies. Yes, having cats is like having babies, they make "messes", they puke, get eye infections, bite, kick and scratch each other (or morph into Tasmanian Devils), yell at you when they don't get fed when they want to be fed (we refer to Pewter as "Firetruck Pew" during feeding time as he goes Merwowowowowowowower", about a ten second hang time there). They're almost as bad as spouses when you come home. Pewter gives us "the business" when we get home which includes the Firetruck meow, the barking meow and the meow he does that sounds like meow with a burp in the middle--we call it a chirp. To top it all off on the babies scale, they seem to be teething all the time. There is not a book or magazine in this house that has not been "hole punched" courtesy of Maki or Pewter. Pewter has also chewed on every corner of furnture we have. What's worse, he looks right at you, waiting to get your attention before he chomps. And they KNOW what they're doing, I think they spend all that time sleeping faking it while they think of things to annoy me. But I digress. Here is a picture of Mr. Sniffy.
It's a kind of sad story about how we got him. We found out four years ago at Christmas that our seal point Himi, Cappy (Cappaccino) had a very rare cancer and was not going to make it through the holidays. He wasn't even a year old and we were heartbroke. So we decided we needed to get another kitty. We went to the Humane Society and found the cutest gray tabby kittens. So we took home two, a boy and girl. Well, it was quickly evident that the girl kitty was very sick, so we took her back. Because we still had Cappy, we kept Mr. Sniffy (whose name was King at the time) separated. A good thing too, as he also turned out to be real sick, but we ddn't have the heart to take him back, too. So he lived in my craft room for three months, sneezing blood, sneezing in general, but VERY affectionate. Because he was so snotty for so long, and you could here him sniffing around the room even when you weren't in the room, he got the name of Mr. Sniffy and it stuck. We also ended up getting Pewter at the same time, and when the people we purchased Cappy from found out he was terminally ill, the gave us the pick of their next litter. So, we lost one and got three. Plus two (Coon and Kahlua) made five, about two more than we had intended on. Luckily we have a pretty big house or it would be chaos.

Now, let me tell you, Mr. Sniffy thinks he has the finest butt in town. He shows it to EVERYONE. He has a sucker punch, he comes up and head butts you, and when you reach to pet him, he whips around and presents his butt. We have the weird habit of talking for our cats, so we know Sniffy is thinking, "Check out my fine looking butt. See how my tail makes a perfect question mark over it and how my _____ makes the punctuation? It's the best tail in town. I KNOW you're gonna like it. Come on, take one more look, maybe two--did you see my baggy pants? Yes, all the girl kitties call me Hamma', 'cause I be down with the baggy pants." Well, we find it a humorous pasttime. Yeah, we're lame.

Our other cat is Kahlua, she is a tortie Himi. She has spent most of her life under the bed. She's 9 this year and only in the past year or so has she finally come out from under the woodworks and begged to be petted. She's still afraid of everything, but when there aren't other cats to terrorize her, she can be downright demanding for the loves. She likes to sleep in the sink in the bathroom--I'm not sure how that factors into the 'fraidy cat psyche, so I can't talk for her. Looking at her is like looking at an empty bubble. I got nothin'.

So that completes the Cathouse. Five cats, six boxes (two auto boxes), one squatter (that's Peko Orange Tea--I'll post one of him next time). You know it's bad when your neighbor's kid introduces you to her friends at church as, "This is my neighbor Vicki, she has 5 cats!" And then later, you're talking with someone else at church and you mention that the Pastor is your neighbor, and they say, "oh, so your the one with the five cats." Yep, that's us. We can't have kids so we've over compensated with cats. But at least they are all very nice, agreeable, affection cats, not like the Satan cats my Mom keeps getting. And that is another story...

One of these days, I need to talk about my Macs. I'm a certified MacAddict, a Macavist to the core (ha, no pun intended!).

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