Saturday, May 13, 2006

Power Tools R Us!

I almost love them as much as I love my G5 Duo with the 23" LCD. Almost. I'm trying to finish tiling my downstairs snack area. I did half of it as the house was being built, 4 years ago. I just never got around to doing the other side. So it has sat there with the hardibacker on it collecting cat hair, cat toys, various cables, routers, magazines, and the tiles that were supposed to go on it 4 years ago. Minus a few, of course, as they were casualties of the cat wars. Today I was inspired (by a looming deadline of some in-home PSE4 training for some friends) to clean it off and relayout the tiles to see what i needed to replace. Then it came to me why I didn't finish it. I cut the hardibacker a half inch larger than it needed to be for the counter top. I suddenly lost interest as I couldn't think of a quick way to fix it, so there it sat, taunting me for these past 4 years. Thanks to several Lowes gift cards we finally stocked up on some REAL power tools. I was told my Dremel tool didn't count. So now we are powered up, table saw, miter saw, circular saw, power stapler, shop vac, orbital sander, AND, a Jigsaw! Still waiting on a router, saws-all and a drill press (hint, hint, hint to the fam). Pretty much if it plugs in or uses batteries I'm all over it like Tim the Tool Man, ARH, ARH, ARH. So, ignoring every saftey rule about using tools I commenced to shaving off that extra half inch with my new favorite hand tool. In walks the DH. "You should be wearing a mask," he says. Well, duh, of course I am. But I am a Mac user, and not only do we not read manuals, we don't read directions on power tool safety. We ALREADY KNOW about power tool safety and we know when we can break the rules. I did get it done, but I blew out a couple teaspoons of mortar dust out of my nose (I did use my safety glasses), and I'll probably be coughing up premixed mortar for a few days. But it's done. Now, I have to go rent a tile saw from Home Schelpo...ARH, ARH, ARH!

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