Friday, May 12, 2006

Where's the Easy Button?

All I wanted to do was post to a friend's blog and somewhere in the registration process, here I am with with a blog of my own! That is just about how my life goes. You start out doing one thing and end up with something entirely different. It keeps life interesting. Once I figure this thing out, I'll have to put up something more intelligent. It's like being caught with your pants down. You didn't plan it and neither did the other party, but there it is and you're all standing there with your mouths open, totally berefit of anything to say that would sound remotely normal. "Hey, I uh, like those little cats there, uh, on your underwear..." Duh. As soon as I pull my proverbial pants up, I'll try another post.

1 comment:

Nanner said...

The same thing happened to me to and now I have been blogging for almost a year! :-)